Aug 7, 2012



i'm so hungry

with marathon training i feel like i can eat every other hour.

and i have been.

i've been keeping fruit/nut bars, pb crackers, string cheese, and dark chocolate around.

for lunch and dinner all i've been craving is mac and cheese.  last  night i had a weird craving for a couscous salad.  i'm assuming it was a craving for carbs plus the need to use up a stash of cucumbers. but this meant a separate stop on my way home to pick up couscous. which i did.

i'm guessing this is completely normal due to the increase in mileage and i'm averaging 10 miles on the weekend - for now - in the next weeks it'll be more like 15 on the weekend.

why am i telling you this?

i don't know.

someone bring me some popcorn

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