Aug 30, 2012

wednesday night

did ya'll catch here comes honey boo boo?

i can't get enough.

i literally cannot read the captions fast enough to figure out what they are saying so i can laugh.

and tlc showed moma's mangled foot.

speaking of which...

my high hopes of running last night were nixed in err of caution.

my toe looks busted.

it doesn't hurt too bad, but i thought i would give it another day to heal.

but in lieu of running i've dove head first into weight training.

bill and i purchased 2 20 lbs dumbbells from play it again sports and then when i realized that was a bit ambitious, i found 2 10lb dumbbells on clearance at target. win!

i've been alternating 2 routines for a couple of weeks now and i don't think i can see too much of a difference but i can feeeeeeel a difference. 

i love that.

it's enough to keep me interested and working out.

other than hanging out in the living room, lifting weights, and watching bad tv

i made dinner

ok so it wasn't much.

but this is my favorite quick meal ever.

sweet potatoes are my favorite, but i don't like them covered in butter and brown sugar.

i pile mine high with black beans, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.

sweet + salty + spicy

it works.  and is super filling

and because the girrrrrrrl (olivia) never gets any air time

we spent last night cuddling before bed time.

she drapes herself around me and demands to be pet.

i have to make it to target on my lunch break today

completely out of coffee at the house and i am dragggggging right now.

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