Aug 24, 2012

belle of louisville

i completely forgot to blog about our belle bourbon cruise last weekend.

to prepare for another awesome weekend that is literally hours away from starting...

let's take a look back to last saturday night. 

this was after my hard run, and i was less than pumped

but the company put me in a better spirit.

we boarded and enjoyed some light appetizers and 3 different tastings of four roses bourbon.

left my camera charger at work, so all photos were iphone photos :(
there was a jazz band playing on the dining deck, and it was kind of boring, so we went up to sit outside and enjoy the breeze and the sights.

i had never been on the steam boat, so it was an experience.  it's not really worth the arm and a leg they charge you, but it's probably something you should do once if you're in the area.

i'm not sure what this weekend has in store yet - hopefully one last visit to the fair, and hopefully a successful 15 mile run. 

and probably lots of this afterwards

enjoy your last weekend in august!!!

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