Aug 13, 2012

iphone photo madness of our place (some of it anyways)

i feel like i've been gone for so long.

but alas monday has caught up with me.

bill and i did some decorating this weekend, and i took the opportunity to take some photos.

my granny is downsizing some things, and one of those items happened to be a kitchen table.

i love my old table
sorry - iphone photos.  realized my camera was dead and charger was at work. womp.

it served its purpose the past 4 years, but bill and i had entertained the idea of a bar height table.

and my granny's table was exactly what we wanted.

why yes those light bulbs seem to be burnt out.  womp

it's hard to tell from the angle/lighting but the new to us table really lightens the corner up and brings your eye UP!  it seems a lot cheerier in there already.

after i left work early friday, bill and i went to home goods, pier 1, tj maxx, and target to buy a few odds and ends as well as something pretty for our new table.

i found a colorful table runner at pier 1 that was calling my name.  it was frilly, funky, and matched my mis matched style :)

i really wanted something pretty to sit out in the middle, i was searching all over pier 1 determined i would find something, when bill picked up this raffia charger and blue/green bowl.  perfect! 

like i said friday, it's hard to describe the style i tend to lean towards when decorating - it really is just a mess of everything i love.

take a look:

this is the corner cabinet i picked up at a peddler's mall for under $200.  i purchased this before i even had a place of my own.  i loved it!  it's loaded down with things i love too.  ball jars, cake cover, wine glasses, shot glasses, glassware that isn't used everyday but still fun to display.

on the other side of the cabinet is a peg board which really needs to be moved to the office.  it looks a little cluttered but i love having our running schedules there for reference.  we also have all of our race bibs and medals.  i know there are nicer ways to display these things but i think that will be a project for the winter months.  my first ever painting is still where i left it to dry over 5 months ago.  i have no idea what to do with it.

my empty fleur de lis wine rack.  don't read too much into it being empty ;)

here's my kitchen.  it's not decorated too much - aside from the rug i bought last weekend at home goods and the floral arrangement i made a couple of years ago

the kitchen is probably the busiest place in my home, so no extra clutter is needed.  (typically it's a lot cleaner too, but we had just gotten back from shopping and were in the process of cleaning and redecorating)

i love kitchen gadgets. you can see the coffee maker and soda stream above and stand mixer below.

my other favorite place for nick-nacs:

a wooden bowl my aunt lisa got me for a graduation gift :)  i picked it out - it was handmade in berea.  and my berea history book that i received a signed copy of at graduation.

a little dog love(and blog inspiration) and doggie treats.

and my piggie down below.

i love animals.

i have several throughout my living areas.

wilbur the blue pig, a little birdie, and my all time favorite peacock.  this peacock has some history.  it originally belonged to a great aunt? great grandma? my granny had it since i was a baby and as a young kid i was apparently obsessed with it.  i'm assuming the bright tacky colors really drew me in.  my granny wanted to sell it in a yard sale 4 years ago and there was no way i was going to let her do that.  i scooped it up and the peacock has since resided with me.

right now she's a protector of lots of cords.

which brings me to the tv

random dog toys are always littering the floor

my "tv stand" was a find at a peddler's mall - i think i picked it up for $75?  it had been spray painted black.  i painted it white and it was beautiful.  (aside from woodford scraping off some of the paint when he was a pup)

now when i was single, i had a smaller tv and zero sound system.  this area looked a lot more neat and organized.  luckily, another item my granny is waiting to get rid of is a proper tv stand.  when she's ready for us to pick that up, we will re-organize the tv area and move this beloved piece of furniture to this wall-

this area is somewhat of a problem.  i would love to put extra seating here, but it's awkward - to the right of the dog bed is the front door, and that  ledge/bar area in the kitchen (needs to be organized) seems to be in the way. 

so the desk can hopefully reside here, with woodford's bed tucked underneath.  and serve as a storage/display area.  we have a lot of running accessories that we use on a daily basis, and they never seem to have a home.  cords, chargers, nike fuel bands, garmin, nike watch, headphones, armband, etc - we need a running station.  and some sort of organized storage in the open is what i need.

i also have no idea what to do here - right now a chair that frank fixed/painted for me sits here.  i don't want to cover up the return vent, and i haven't found the right things to put on the wall.

on the opposite wall is a bookcase

which i apparently didn't get a good picture of.  the plan is to perhaps move it into the office - it's from ikea and not like my favorite piece of furniture ever.  when we have the tv stand some of it's storage will be repurposed.  i would like to add additional seating  - buy another decorative chair in a funky pattern.

you CAN see our new furniture though:

i'm hoping to put a lamp and/or artificial tree behind the chair.  the pillows are what came with the sofa, and i am more than ready to switch them out.  i was unlucky in finding anything i absolutely loved this weekend.  as far as my hanging flower collection - it's going.  you can see how big the wall is, and i would still like to do a collage, or make my own print on canvas.  will have to wait and see.

a closeup of the fabric - it's grey/brown herringbone. 

a closeup of a very dramatic puppy.

our very high ceilings which are causing us some painting frustration/hesitation.

some more items i love and want to decorate with - my bourbon painting i got last year - i'm hoping one day we can have a man cave area that will be done in derby and bourbon items like this.  my "hall" rose pitcher - really went with my shabby chic ness...and some books i've never read.  and below is a tile art thing i found on clearance at target.  i loved the colors.  i might add it to my bathroom over the toilet.  i guess "kiss me" over your toilet is weird though. 

and before you think bill gets no say in decorating

we've got a bills bobble head, a trans am (i think?), a former UK football player autograph (bill is totally a UofL fan, i'm UK, but Stevie Johnson is a Buffalo Bill, so i guess that rules?) and a buffalo bill's beer mug.  did you notice a theme?  if you did, this is why bill can't do ALL the decorating.  if you didn't - bill is for hire for interior decorating.

there's also a horse shoe that was a take away from a friend's wedding - which matches my other horse shoe nicely.

and for the sake of not rambling on for forever - two shots of the bathroom, still pretty plain, but we did get rugs to put down.  i'm somewhat leaning towards putting my peacock painting in here and telling bill to just deal with it :)

ok.  we'll do this again sometime.  once i get motivated to do the office and the bedroom.  thanks for stopping by.

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