Aug 28, 2012


i had the weirdest craving yesterday

all i wanted were ginger snap cookies

and brussels sprouts


and then i made a brussels sprouts mess.

if you're not a fan, i bet you've never cooked them just right!

the key is to cut them in half and let them brown up and carmelize.

and if that's not doing it for you

cover it in sauce.

i mixed some glugs of balsamic vinegar with a half dollar sized blob of honey (all actual measurements)

salt and pepper 


i managed to cook up some rice in the rice cooker

and cubed up some tofu to fry.

want a key weight loss secret?

this is very important and works 9 times out of 10.

cube your tofu.

before adding it to the frying pan

walk over to the living room and change the channel to real housewives.

then when you get back find half a block of tofu missing

cuts your calorie intake WAY down and pre-portions your food.

it's like magic!

now if you don't like tofu, you probably haven't had it cooked right.

you gotta get it nice and crispy - and you gotta prepress that block to get the water out.

still not buying it?

cover it in sauce!

this time i mixed some glugs of maple syrup and two quarter sized mustard blobs.  both accurate measurements.

you could do honey and mustard as well.

salt and pepper

fry it up.

and plate.

enjoyed with some homemade sprite.

and some batshit crazy housewives from new york.

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