Aug 10, 2012

the one where i ramble and then ramble some more about decorating (dafaq did i just read)

it's friday and i'm taking a half day

a mental health day if you will.

i have coupons for the grand opening of louisville's earth fare.

i also have coupons for bath and body works, bed bath and beyond, and dicks.

i need stuff.


oooh new fall flavors at bath and body works! 

Limited time only! Anti–Bac Hand Soap – 5 for $15 or 7 for $20

i love fall y'all.

but honestly, bill loves these fragrance hand soaps more than me.  i'm the type to buy a decorative container and then refill with plain soap from gigantic soap tubs bought at sams.  i am a sucker for fall flavored candles though...

my poor pillow is flatter than a pancake.  i need some neck support.  i'm hoping to find the ultimate pillow at bed bath and beyond.  like seriously buy one of those fancy schmancy $50 pillows.  or, in true fashion, go to tj maxx and find a pillow that will do for $15.

ooh and speaking of tj maxx - i want to head over there and to home goods and look for some art to hang over the couch.  and possibly some new bathroom decor for both bathrooms.  i'm tired of mine and the guest/bill's bathroom needs some color and nick-nacs.  i love nick-nacs.

for the guest bathroom and living room i'm thinking about going with a louisville/ kentucky theme.  not sports.  but fleur de lis, bourbon barrels, horses.  i already have some horse shoes floating around, and i bought this gorgeous painting that needs framed to go possibly in the bathroom or small wall of bourbon and derby racing guides. 

i'll need to take some photos to show you what i got going on...

but for behind the couch i was thinking something like this


between bill and i - we have several photos like this that we could print on poster and frame or print on canvas.  the wall is pretty large and to print something on our own big enough it can get slightly expensive.  so i'm still game for finding something already made up at home goods..

as far as color.  our couch is a herring bone grey/brown  and the walls are "cashmere" which is basically taupe.  the new couch is really making the room seem blah!  we would love to paint, but with cathedral ceilings, we're slightly concerned with the 12' areas and our ability.

so in the mean time.  i'm thinking bright throw pillows and a throw blanket, perhaps a large upholstered ottman/table to bring pops of color.

i love robins egg blue with pops of red.  but i'm worried that's too "in" right now and i'll probably tire of it.

 Top Living Room Color Palettes Decorating-pattern-living-room

i realllllly love this.  but i'm guessing this is too "bachelorette pad" for bill and i.  oh but if i were single again - i would go this route. 

oh, add floor lamp to today's list.  actually - i really like the one above and have seen similar at home goods. 

Top Living Room Color Palettes Decorating-Living-Rooms-decorating-ideas-2012

this is also very "me" and would blend nicely with my shabby chic furniture...again, a little too bachelorette pad.

i found these color swatches, and this most resembles what i have/where i'm going... i just need to see the furniture and accessories in this scheme.

it's really hard to narrow down what i like and decorate without either

a) looking too nautical/beach cabin

b.) too shabby/girly chic/cluttered

c.) too plain/lacking personality

i love all these rooms, but only want to borrow bits from each.  my current decorating philosophy is buy what i love.  never buy to recreate a room seen on pinterest or google images.  i love styled rooms, but feel i can do my own thing and come up with something unique by buying pieces i love.

i think a tour is in order this weekend to showcase the pieces i want to decorate around - the furniture and accessories i love that i want to incorporate into this decorating frenzy i'm in right now.

if you made it to the end of this post you are amazing.  i hope you have a great weekend, and please send me good ju-ju on my shopping journey today.

i also need some encouragement on my 12 mile long run this weekend.  i've definitely got weather on my side this weekend.

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