Aug 20, 2012

it's the kentucky state fair

it's the state fair, ya'll!

and that's a huge watermelon.

i love the state fair for various reasons, and i think each year i appreciate it more and more

i mean where else do you get to exhibit an ugly lamp contest?

my personal favorites were a tie between the blue unicorn and the flamingo with the light coming out of its ass.

the clown lamp was disturbing.  i can only imagine something like that in a child's bedroom.

but clearly you can see what it takes to be a blue ribbon winner.

a giant lit up cock.


if you think the state fair is all about rednecks walking around in the middle of august.

then you would be correct.

but i can't imagine never not going.

i love seeing the animals, and on sunday we took our time checking out these guys

i think the big pig was my favorite with her baby piggies. 

side note- we were at the fair with bill's family, and i was informed that while looking at the pot bellied pig (not pictured) a lady was observing and surmising that said pig was indeed a hedgehog.


i get those mixed up all the time too...

after ooing and ahhing over animals, registering to win various gift baskets from the numerous county booths, we washed our hands and headed outside for what the fair truly means to me

fried goodness.

the kool aide was new last year but i was too scared to try it.

bill got brave and ordered...

kool aide added to batter and fried up then sprinkled with kool aide sugar

tasted like a cherry flavored funnel cake.

would never crave or want this again, but i'd say to tell people you've had fried kool aide it was worth the $6

we have 2 more tickets to use, and are trying to decide which day to go back before the fair is over...because i have my sights set on...

i can't think of anything better than a fried somoa.


yeah...probably not...

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