Jul 16, 2012

rest day

happy rest day to me!

last week was a mess running wise.

i played catch-up on my "long run" on monday - 5 miles.

then i had 3mi/4mi/3mi on back to back days tuesday-thursday.

which meant i needed more than one rest day.

or i had too much fun out friday night and had to move my long run to sunday.


but i did get my long run in sunday (7 miles)

in the pouring rain.

but man.  it felt good.
i look a little cross-eyed here. i'm assuming i was still tired.

especially with these new babies

they are quite amazing and feel wonderful to run in.  i was able to do my three miler thursday in them with no problems and 7 miles on sunday was fine (except for the rain which caused a bit of rubbing)

and to prove how bad my other shoes were

so 22 miles logged last week.

i'll take it.

and because i can't be all work and no play.

we met up with some friends at a local winery

talon winery in shelbyville was packed!  we found a nice spot on the deck, enjoyed the scenery, and shared a few bottles of wine.

lots of people brought crackers and chips with dip.

our group didn't even think to do that, and after about 3 hours of hanging out, food was needed.

i hadn't been to captain's quarters in a few years and forgot how nice it could be on a beautiful day.

watching the boats and barges on the river while enjoying a veggie burger was the perfect ending to my weekend.

i'm on track this week to stick to my training plan and hopefully not get burnt out before my long run.

9 miles on saturday - any good routes?

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