Jul 23, 2012

devine nine

the weekend started off with a sweaty 9 mile run.

it actually wasn't so bad weather wise

leaving at 8 am, plus staying on a shaded road helped.

i'm trying to build my endurance, so this distance was taken nice and slow.

with stops for pictures

where i typically run is right outside my door and winds back into some back country roads.

it's pretty peaceful with gorgeous houses, farms, horses, and cows.

i have to stay fairly alert though, since the roads are narrow and traffic coming from either direction can be worrisome.

luckily early saturdays it's quiet and the roads are populated with cyclists.

after 9 slow miles i made it home to my puppy who was more than happy to lick my salty sweat

bill and i tried to throw down saturday night at an 80's party, but we clearly can't keep up with marathon training and partying.

we were worn out and came home at midnight, only to get up by 7 am sunday to go for a run/walk and make the early showing of batman.

i would like to iterate that we were not THE ONLY memaw and papaw's that go to the movies at 9am...

the movie was about 60% full.

and it was good.

a lot darker and scarier than the 2nd movie.  the second movie will always be my favorite, but this movie wrapped up the trilogy and it couldn't have had a better ending.

i will say that it could have been 30 minutes shorter.  there's some fluff that didn't help move the plot along, but it was never "boring."  2 hours and 44 minutes is just a long time to sit and not wanting to go to the potty in fear of missing anything wasn't working for me.

the rest of our sunday afternoon looked like this

we laid around listening to the history channel.

and woodford warmed up to his new bed

...after i finished testing it out :)  it's really comfortable!

our new couches are coming in tuesday, and in an effort to have something nice, we're not letting woodford up on the new furniture, so he got a new bed that will be all his.

pray for our new furniture. 

and i will pray you have a painless work week :)

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