Jun 25, 2012

the one where bill becomes an even older old man

happy birthday bill!

you're no longer 30

you've dove right in to your "early thirties"

i can't help but think that sounds so old.

it's even worse when i realize i'm not 22.

i'm not 25 either as i thought the other day.

but for someone who's now 31

i can promise you.

you don't act a day over 15.

thanks to, impart, laughing at your own barking spiders.

i remember so vividly writing this last year

and it kind of makes me tear up thinking about how much we've done in such a short amount of time

time is passing at an incredible pace

i should be so alarmed

i'm worried i'll forget the small things of everything we do

but i am so blessed to get to spend each fleeting second with someone as incredible as you

here's to another eventful and exciting year.

and for someone so concerned with the passing of time,

i'm actually counting down the days.

124 more to go before i become mrs. rachel ottman.

i love you bill, and i hope you're day is awesome

(yes.  i just tried to rhyme ottman and awesome.  so shoot me.)

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