Jun 11, 2012


merry monday

it's overcast and dreary here.

the weekend was perfect, though.

we started off by venturing downtown to the belvedere for the greek festival

this place was packed. 

mayor greg fischer walked in right behind us - i was too political/star struck to shake his hand.

i'm weird.

the food lines had already started making their way out of the event area.

so we did what any impatient people would do.

grabbed a mythos greek beer, a new coozy, and watched some performances.


it was so nice out we decided to walk over to the ohio and see the view

bill's not very great at taking pictures...i clearly was going for a full silhouette on his picture...mine is...pigtails by sunset?

and because the greek food lines were so long, we decided we HAD to go to one of our bucket list restaurants that was in walking distance.

doc crow's is a newer restaurant downtown that has caught my eye every time we've been downtown.

we were seated right away - granted it was probably already 8-9 o'clock

and i knew immediately i wanted the pulled pork tacos and fried green tomatoes.

and they sure didn't disappoint.
i actually split my tacos with bill so i could have half of his fried shrimp po boy

the shrimp was so tasty and fresh!  definitely not friend within every inch of it's life.

my only regret was not realizing there was bbq sauce on the table - i ate most of my taco thinking it needed more sauce.  the meat was very tender and juicy, though.

and because there was so much on the menu i wanted to try, i told bill we had to order the wilbur sundae.

fresh pork rinds, ice cream, honey bourbon sauce, bacon crumbles, pecans, and a bourbon soaked cherry on top.

oh my heavens.




bill will tell you he's not much for ice cream.

he managed to eat his share.

oh so good and such a lovely atmosphere. 

it's very dimly lit with a country rustic/industrial bar feel

i recommend you and yo momma check this place out asap if you're in the area.  reasonably priced and there's something for everyone.

also, park a few blocks away and enjoy the downtown lights on your way back.

NOW.  before you get all sad on me for not eating the required gyro at the greek festival and for not waiting out the line..

we came back on sunday.

don't judge us.

i can honestly listen to the greek guitar for hours.

oh, and eat
bill and i split the:
spanakopita (feta and spinach in filo dough)
pastitsio (greek lasagna with thick spaghetti like noodles)
and pita with hummus.

and if we learned anything from friday

i like dessert.

ice cream is clearly my weakness, but chocolate will do too

honestly, it looked better than it tasted.  it was a chocolate torte (mousse, cake, chocolate)

but it had been frozen and kinda tasted like blah.

but i don't like to waste.

so bill and i split it.

and in case you're wondering.

i ran 4 miles on saturday.

it all evens out, right?

those 4 miles were a struggle, but they  made me feel like i could do this whole distance running thing again.

let's see what i say when i'm running 16 in the humid heat.

i hope you had a fantastic weekend.

and i hope you got out to enjoy the sunshine and the happenings.

i also hope there was ice cream involved.

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