Jun 20, 2012

happy first day of summer

oh hi there

i hope you're as excited as i am about it being wednesday.

only one more day to dress up for work before casual friday.

this week i'm planning a birthday party for bill.


i never had birthday parties growing up - i mean i got gifts and maybe there was a special meal, but it wasn't like my whole family got together and celebrated.

bill's family celebrates birthdays.


and with 2 brothers, both married, one with a kid, both parents - throw in holidays - we're always celebrating something every weekend.

so it's my turn :)

living in a condo is both a blessing and a curse.  we have no room to host family + friends - i desperately cannot wait to have a place to entertain.

but this also means no before and after clean up (thumbs up)

so we're headed to the park to cook out and play games.

let's hope for perfect weather this saturday!

in other news:

i did this

17th Annual Indianapolis Marathon & Half Marathon - October 20, 2012

i registered for the full marathon distance.

i can send an email at any time if i feel the half marathon is what i'll be able to do, but i'm working hard towards a new goal.

so far this month:

"long" runs: 2 - a 4 miler and a 5 miler
longest distance ran during the work week:  today for 4 miles
speediest mile: 9:55 according to the garmin.  but seriously, i'm averaging 12 minute miles.
speed/hill work: zero speed. lots of hills (no choice)  i'm still trying to feel comfortable running 3-5 miles without stopping  it's been far too long since i've trained
actual date for 18 week program to begin:  this sunday with a cross train day
cross train activities:  i took a water aerobics class last saturday after the 5 miler.  oh man the water felt so good on my legs.  but oh man, by shoulders and back were sore monday!

that about sums it all up

i hope you're enjoying your week and you're looking forward to the weekend.  if you're on vacation, i am refusing to look at any of the photos you post on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  out of sheer jealousy.

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