Jun 7, 2012

i need a new goal

i've gone and done something crazy.

it prompted me to purchase this

Garmin Forerunner 310XT
and this

Apple 2GB Pink 4th Generation iPod Shuffle - MC585LL/A

for the past couple of weeks i've been back in the swing of running.  nothing crazy.  just 2 miles every morning.  sometimes running with woodford - bill and i tend to take turns running with him since he can slow you down or distract you.

it's felt really good.  i haven't ran much since the last half marathon i did in october.  and honestly i was poorly trained for that one.  i ran so much faster in nashville (hilly as heck) for my first half marathon than i did through a fairly flat course in louisivlle.

so it's actually been a lot longer than 8 months since i've really put my mind in to training for a goal.

i miss it.

i really miss it.

so since i was in the swing of things i decided to look for a race.

5k?  no.  i hate paying money to run 3 miles - when i'm not particularly fast - except for those few races that are tradition.

10k?  15k?  eh i don't think many are being offered near by - if there are, let me know since those could make up my long runs on the weekends.

so i guess i could do a half marathon again and try and improve my results!

but.  i feel a little unfulfilled if i stick with that distance.

that's why i'm registering for the Indianapolis Marathon in october!

oh yes i am.


from the race website it sounds like a very nice race with a small town feel to it - which i like opposed to being shoulder to shoulder.  

i'm a little nervous since my furthest running distance was 16 miles.  i remember being challenged but not feeling like it was impossible.

i haven't forked over the money just yet.  the price goes up at the end of this month.  i want to give myself a few weeks to make sure i've got this.  if i feel overwhelmed, i'm going to drop back to the half marathon distance.

so more on my training program tomorrow.

for the record, i started training today with a 3 mile run.

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