Jun 5, 2012

dog day at the park

we did something wild last night.

we went out on a school work night.

not only did we go out, we went out in the rain.

and we brought woodford.

to a baseball game.

with other dogs.

the game was delayed about 10-20 minutes due to the downpour.

but luckily we were surrounded by wet dogs.

there's nothing like the smell of wet dogs panting in excitment.
woodford weighs only 36-37 lbs, but he's super long and awkward to hold
but i would do it again in a heart beat

just to see woodford sit so intently watching the game

i'm in hysterics as woodford was perfectly fine to sit like this
there was a pretty good doggy turnout, but woodford is somewhat of an only child.

he loves playing with his doggy friends, but amongst unfamiliar dogs he just wanted to cuddle

and who could deny that face

on a side note.

woodford would not go near the kiddie pools they had set up for the dogs.

he even attempted to pee in them.

he also peed on every trash can we passed.  and every corner on any building we passed.

and he begged for hot dogs and spied kids eating a pizza and laid at their feet just hoping and praying for a morsel.

all in all i think we all had a good time. 

and of course i'm dragging today from all the fun.

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