Jun 4, 2012

church, beer, running, and snakes! oh my!

friday evening kicked off how it should.

at church.

 except this church is a little different.

holy grale is a beer bar in the highlands that has several beers on tap and bottles from all over the world, and from what i understand the selection changes seasonally.  and yes, the bar is housed in an old church - complete with upstairs seating in the choir room.

so after a night of beer tasting, i woke up saturday morning to run.  i got a later start than i had anticipated, however, the yardsales were in full force and i was able to stop at a couple to browse which acted as a nice break in the run.

what i wasn't expecting was a neighbor to wave me in frantically. 

what i wasn't expecting was her to compliment me on my running.

what i was least expecting was her asking me to check for a snake in her bush.

that's not a euphemism folks.

she had a snake in her bush.

she lifted a branch to show me.

i shrieked and told her there was no way i could wrangle it.

she told me she had a gun and thought about shooting it if critter control didn't call her back.

oh lawdy.

i wished her luck and never ran so fast in my life.

saturday was spent running errands before heading to a church picnic.

and after walking all over j-town all bill and i could talk about were donuts.

so we made sure to run extra hard sunday morning to treat ourselves to

key lime donuts.

oh hell yeah.

and i want to leave you with something

something else i wasn't expecting.

this is my grandmother

that is also a harley.

oh yes it is.
i'm not sure where i can find a leather jacket or bandanna that says "harley granny" so if you come across anything let me know.

and with that, my weekend came to an end. :)

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