Jun 18, 2013

just dance

good morning ya'll

a couple of days ago i mentioned my new love affair with stevia

and i had mentioned getting a slight headache after my first cup of coffee with it

i wanted to say that after a few days of adding it to my coffee (and even using it to sweeten my broccoli slaw) i have not experienced another headache

sweet tooths rejoice!

i still need to try it in my sweet tea; i've just been too lazy to boil water.

but not too lazy to get my workout on!


this morning i got my tired butt up and turned on the wii to dance for a solid 45 minutes.

bill and i killed it

and i got to play with this new gadget

my new timex sports watch and heart rate monitor!

i really wanted a sports watch for timing my lifting and interval training that wasn't as gigantic as my garmin

i really didn't need anything fancy, but then i started looking at heart rate monitors, and i thought it might be fun to use

this one was one of the cheaper options out there at $50 on amazon

and i had a gift card - so no money out of my pocket!

after using it last night and this morning it's really easy to use and set up

i couldn't even feel the chest strap while i worked out

my only complaint/issue is it really over estimates my calorie expenditure.

it bases it on heart rate and weight - but this morning's dance workout supposedly burned 800+ calories?

no.  i know what burning 800 calories feels like - running 1 mile is equivalent to 100 calories - i know i wasn't working at that same level

i know i did not burn 800 calories in 45 minutes. 

my fitness pal said i burned 360 (the wii said 180)  so i'm guessing i burned closer to 200-250 calories

but the novelty of tracking my heart rate along with timing of my exercises is what i wanted - and it works.

and as long as i'm up moving and doing SOMETHING - i'm not worried about splitting hairs on calories.

this morning i fueled up with COFFEE (seriously, i know i've had this love affair with trader joes recently - but their coffee is priced the same as any grocery store brand, AND i think you get more AND it's organic/fair trade (at least the one i bought was))

and then i had my vanilla bean greek yogurt with trail mix.  i really want to switch it up with some smoothies

but i feel ridiculous walking out the door with my coffee cup, water bottle, and smoothie container.

i need a drink caddy. 

my motto today is "every bit counts!"  - from parking further away from the building, walking on lunch, choosing my popcorn snack over candy, and refilling my water bottler (i strive to refill it 3-4 times while at work)

it all adds up at the end of the day - i promise!

are you on my fitness pal?

i would love to be friends runrunrachel


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