Jun 15, 2013

saturday morning shuffle

it's been such a gorgeous day around here today

i'm currently waiting for bill to be done with work for the weekend

and sitting out on the patio 

this morning i did the typical grocery run

and finally committed to a new sweetener

i had done a really good job of almost eliminating all artificial sweeteners from my diet

aside from the rare diet coke

but i've been wanting tea like crazy

and i MUST have sweetened tea

and with the new diet + exercise plan i really didn't need to be drinking my calories

so i broke down and bought some stevia (a natural, calorie free sweetener)
i tried stevia about a year ago and thought it had a horrid aftertaste.  i recently learned that not all stevia is created equal.  and because stevia has been deemed a "safe" sweetener i really wanted to find some i liked.

trader joes to the rescue - they had this liquid form as well as powder/crystal (like normal sugar) - i decided to take the liquid for a whirl - it was already in my shopping cart when i noticed their complementary coffee stand that had the product out to use.  yay.  i tried it in my coffee and was so happy that it didn't taste like licorice.  my only worry is that after i tried it in a cup of coffee at home i got a headache that lasted a few minutes -?    moderation, hopefully will curb that.
before i got to the grocery, though
i was semi bad on my diet - and stopped at starbucks...
it was on the way...
that's a lie.
i had every intention to stop at heine brother's coffee for just a straight up plain coffee...but i needed gas, and the starbucks was near the gas station...and i really wanted a grande skinny caramel macchiato

so it happened.  190 calories later...i was walking through trader joes in super fast motion with a smile on my face bigger than the employees'.

i came home and was putting away groceries when i had a nervous breakdown at the state of our refrigerator.
i threw a lot of old salad dressings out, i did a quick reorganization of the freezer, and then i decided it was time to go through the cabinets and throw out all the old baking supplies (candy, chocolate, sprinkles) and organize my teas, and then re-organize my oils, salts, spices, honey, and nuts.
then i did the elliptical for 30 minutes on straight up rolling hills

and then i prepared lunch.  

caramel macchiato =crack
but my kitchen is thankful
and so was bill for lunch that we ate out on the patio
delicious gnocchi.  how i love thee. (trader joe's gnocchi alla sorrentina 170 calories per serving @ 1.5 servings = 255 calories)

and speaking of  patio

check out the size of my bell peppers!  awww yeah!

the other variety of peppers i have are developing a little slower but i can see the flowers just waiting to open.
and here's my little flower
 keeping me company 

but he can't quite decide where he wants to lay

and he's a bit pampered and has decided he'd rather keep me company while he lays inside on the chair in the a/c

for me, i'm hoping bill and i can find something to do outdoors in a little while


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