Jun 17, 2013

weekend sweats and eats

you guyyyyyys

it's monday and i'm in a really great mood
it's probably the coffee talking
but i'm trying to believe it's the fact that i'm kicking my workout schedule's booty!
and maybe it's because i'm in a good mood, but i'm pretty sure my dress is feeling a little looser.

i've not only followed my plan - i've exceeded it.  

most days i've been getting on the elliptical twice a day to burn a few more calories - i mean, heck

if i'm going to sit and watch endless hours of real housewives i might as well werk on my fitness.



the only deviation i made was that my "rest day" saturday turned into 50 minutes of elliptical

and sunday's bike ride turned into a 5 mile walk/hike through the newest portion of the louisville loop

i felt too guilty leaving that pooch at home while we rode bikes - so we loaded him up in the car sunday

and went to beckley creek - off of shelbyville road.

this park is supposed to be a lot like the one that will be built a half a mile from us (and which will also be connected by a paved trail)

so seeing how beautiful it was made me super excited for them to break ground soon

and as you can see from the distorted picture above, it was HUMID out.  my poor phone was all foggy.

and poor woodford was struggling with the heat as well

i felt so guilty for having him walk that far in the heat. 

to be fair, he was the one who was so excited and tugging the whole way which wore his little butt out

bill ended up carrying him up the last bit of a hill before we got to the car

where we all sat and drank some water before heading home.

foods of the rest of the weekend included
turkey burger on sandwich thin and broccoli slaw (unpictured)  i ate about half a bag of the broccoli slaw - which with the dressing i made only clocked in at about 150 calories - super filling and tasty - i need to post the recipe when i make it again

lots of popcorn!  

sunday morning beige breakfast (trader joe's hashbrown and 2 fried eggs)  this is probably my favorite breakfast.  i should probably try and add some spinach to my eggs to boost up the nutritional value.  or...just enjoy some fried eggs one day a week :)

lunch post walk = turkey on sandwich thin and COTTAGE CHEESE!  i haven't bought cottage cheese in forever!  in college i ate lots of the stuff with sunflower seeds and raisins mixed in.  i will be re-creating that experience soon!

and a few nibbles of

 edamame hummus - basically the bee's knees. 

and of course you need dippers!

sunday dinner was a feat in its own

we visited with bill's parents who originally were cooking out - and we were going to bring our own meal to keep from cheating

but the weather turned bad and plans were made to eat out at a pizza place.

bill totally stuck to his guns and said we would just eat at home.

we visited with the family for a couple of hours and until the storm passed

and then we came home and got dinner together

which just happened to be my most favorite meal

baked sweet potato with a bit of smart balance spread, black beans, salt and cayenne pepper

it wasn't pizza

but my butt thanks me for that.


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