Jun 17, 2013

monday evening

i said this earlier

but i'm totally feeling awesome 

but i'm also totally thinking this...
Not Sure If Losing Weight-or Just Stretched Out The Waste Of My Pants

only i'm in a dress today...but still...

i mentioned before that i'm tracking my meals on my fitness pal

and from tracking i've learned i'm totally kicking ass in the drinking water department (this was sunday's entry)

check out that water consumption!  24 glasses!  = 192 ounces.
i think that's helping me feel be full
the only downside is that i'm making 50 trips to the bathroom a day
extra walking! right?
so on to my eats for the day
more trader joe's greek vanilla bean yogurt - which is my favorite flavor thus far
along with trail mix added in
and lunch:
 packed by my loving husband - turkey and cheddar sammie and cottage cheese.

and for a snack, partially because i'm cheap (boom-chica-pop bagged popcorn is $$$), and partially because i hate microwavable popcorn and butter on my popcorn

bill popped me some corn last night and i bagged it up to keep at work for snacks.  it's popped with oil (not the air kind of maker) and only lightly salted.  yum!

dinner was courtesy of lovely trader joes - 

heated up in under 10 minutes

i served myself 1 cup of the mixture - (2 servings of rice 240 calories and 1 sausage @ 280 calories)

the rice was quite spicy but delicious!

and the ingredients check out pretty well too - nothing weird here

i'm proud to say that before dinner i managed 20 minutes on the elliptical - feeling re-energized!

now bill and i are settling in watching an old season of amazing race and i'm sipping on my water
soon to be in bed to do it all over again!


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