Jun 25, 2013

birthday bill

it's toasty tuesday

for real - 10 degrees hotter than yesterday

before i get to today's eats...

i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!

annnnd you look much better sans fake hair

bill was so good to ME on HIS birthday

he made my breakfast (same as yesterday - knock off egg mcmuffin)

AND brought me my lunch today

which we ate picnic style

and bless his heart, he also brought me my snack

so when i got home and got another quick elliptical session in -

i made him a yummy dinner 

i still kept it healthy

frozen vegetable fried rice (thanks to trader joes) 160 calories for 1 cup
tofurky italian sausage 280 calories per sausage

and per request

i roasted broccoli + olive oil + garlic + and sprinkled a pit of parm when done
who doesn't want to be gassy on their birthday?

i've been trying to squeeze in little workouts during commercial breaks in the evening
and last  night i did squats during 3 commercial breaks - i even held myself accountable - my butt had to touch the ottoman each time

i also did 3 sets (45 seconds each) of situps

it really doesn't feel like a lot at the time - but i sure can feel it today!

every little bit counts


right! try it next time you're mindlessly watching the housewives - but be warned, stairs might be torturous the next day!


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