Jun 20, 2013

soda water


is anyone else ridiculously sore from a workout?


i got the newbie aches, i guess.

bill and i were up this morning doing 50 minutes of just dance

but last night i thought it was a good idea to squeeze in a few extra squats

i definitely didn't feel like picking up my feet or doing any high knees

but the workout is over and i've moved on to self medicating with coffee + stevia +vanilla almond milk

weeks ago i prided myself on being coffee free - really for a couple of months (aside from a rare starbucks that may have came into play on the weekend)

but that has changed - i've been slurping down at least 2 cups every morning

what i haven't been ingesting is soda for the past couple of weeks

i've upped my water consumption and have resisted the sweet sweet allure of a diet coke mid afternoon

but ya know, sometimes i just really want something sweet and a little fizzy

my solution?

enter the soda stream - bill still drinks sodas and uses this regularly (soda stream sodas are aspartame and corn syrup free but do contain splenda in the diet mixes or plain sugar in the regular)

i've basically been making sparkling water - no syrup added

and then mixing half sparkling water and half lemonade or juice

this low cal version isn't bad and checks out well on the ingredients list (no artificial sweeteners)

so i get my fizzy bubbles, i get a bit of sweet from the juice - and diluting the juice also helps cut back on sugar + calories

other eats around this part have been typical

turkey sammies + cottage cheese, yogurt, trail mix etc

i may be in a slight rut and need to switch it up for breakfasts and lunches

dinner last night was my recent obsession - and i could eat this every day without it getting old

channa masala from trader joes - bill made rice before i had got home - and the chickpeas heated up in less than 5 minutes and dinner was served.

this stuff is so good.  i had been calculating my rice calories incorrectly (i believe my source was telling me the calories for dried rice and not cooked)

so i was pretty pumped to switch my usually 1/2 cup rice for a full cup!

and the frozen meal says it's two servings - which bill and i have split in the past

but i can totally eat the whole thing in one sitting (360 calories)

i've got some fun eats coming up here soon - including homemade pizza and the broccoli slaw i made last weekend - but i promise this time to write down the recipe and share


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