Jun 5, 2013

the state of my pits

i'm guessing everyone is on the edge of their seat wondering about the state of my armpits

are they stinky?

am i sweaty?

have i been banned from my cubical at work?

i'm slightly probably kinda a little bit more "natural" smelling when i get home at the end of the day

but i wouldn't say stinky

as far as sweaty - i'm pretty dry while at the office

and i would say i would have to commit far worse crimes than being smelly for them to ask me to leave

but no one's said anything either way

and i don't work with nice people

i mean that in the nicest way possible

i mean, if i smelt bad, no one would have an issue riding me about it.

so what have i been using?

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Stick
naturally fresh deodorant crystal

this was the exact same product i used a couple of years ago, and i went back to it

as i searched the aisles of rainbow blossom (a local health store) there were several deodorants and sprays to choose from

but many had ingredients that left me wondering if they would cause me to break out too - like TOM's of Maine

Naturally Fresh contains :  Natural Mineral Salts (Ammonium Alum), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Extract)

and since i knew it worked before, i went with it

the stick is pricey - about $7-$8 BUT.  it lasts FOR-EV-errr

i remember throwing my other stick out to reduce bathroom clutter when i switched back to secret.

i would say it lasts 3-4x longer than a regular solid deodorant (including reapplying if you wish during the day)

the "stick" is basically a hard crystal that you wet before swiping it on - not ideal, but not really a hassle either

there's no sticky residue - and nothing is left behind to rub off on your clothes

it creates an invisible barrier

which probably takes some getting used to - especially if you're like me and smell your armpits on the way to work to make sure you remembered to put on your deodorant in the first place

and you can't do the touch test either - because there won't be any residue to feel

this product won't keep you dry during a workout - but that's not really an issue for me, as i shower afterwards

they also sell a liquid version i might try - as it may feel more like conventional deodorant

but all in all i would say i give this guy 2 arms up

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