Jun 18, 2013

ya'll are the best

thank you guys for letting me share what was on my heart

sometimes i guess you just gotta put it all out there

i wish i could give ya'll a hug or share a bottle of wine

but let's set the mood back to a lighter one

that was not a pun on weight

or was it...

today's lunch was a picnic date

bill brought along sammies, edamame hummus and carrot and pretzel dippers!

we took a walk around the park afterwards -until i started complaining about being sweaty and having to go back to work with moist armpits.


i like defined sweat sessions.

and i had one when i got home

i changed clothes, hopped on the elliptical, and busted out 30 minutes of the "calorie" workout while catching up on the latest real housewives of orange county

i know vicky, i don't know why i'm obsessed with these shows...but it helps me workout

ain't no shame.

needless to say i was feeling pretty good about myself since i've never let a mexican stripper hump me with a thong on


i didn't lose my appetite unfortunately...or fortunately

because i made an ahhh-MA-zing dinner

thanks to my little friend SOYAKI!

i think i'll post the recipe tomorrow since it just doesn't feel right to post about more food after the stripper gif


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