Jun 29, 2013

30 before 30

so i felt totally inspired by my list of complete/almost complete resolutions

let's not talk about the closet situation

that i decided to set some long (more than a year away) goals

and also because bill and i have been watching a lot of old amazing race seasons

i keep proclaiming that i will learn; bill keeps promising he will teach me - to

1. drive stick - on the rare chance we do make it on the show, it would probably be nice to have me as a backup driver.  but let's be real - i don't trust bill enough with reading a map.  i'm a complete control freak and would be barking in the back of the car the whole time.

so these goals, in no particular order (except for #1...i'm knocking that one out asap) are things i find important to do/experience/live before i hit the milestone year of 30

i will be 28 this december, so i feel like i have ample amounts of time to really sink my teeth into a whole slew of goals

but for naming and titling and cutesy picmonkey makings 

let's round that list to 30

30 before 30 (completed #'s are linked)

so again, number 1...
  1. learn to drive stick - for amazing race and other obvious practical reasons
  2. travel outside of the country - i've got my eye on madrid and various places in germany
  3. install new floors - myself
  4. make my own cheese - because i love cheese
  5. beat my half marathon time - because i know it's in me
  6. ride 50+ miles by bike
  7. create a human being
  8. sew a skirt
  9. read 3 of the 100 greatest novels (that i haven't yet read)
  10. see the pacific ocean 
  11. learn to weave
  12. take a pottery class
  13. pickle cucumbers
  14. re-learn french (and maybe re-evaluate my travel destinations)
  15. write a short story
  16. decorate the shelves in the living room
  17. go to las vegas
  18. visit a national park
  19. practice yoga for a month (2 times a week)
  20. go to a fancy restaurant
  21. have professional pictures taken of bill and i
  22. go canoeing (completed 7-14-13)
  23. do one pull up - seriously
  24. throw a wine and cheese party
  25. attend my 10 year reunion - oh my dog...
  26. buy only local fresh eggs (completed 8-8-13)
  27. attend the trolley hop downtown
  28. become a 1 car household
  29. take up tennis with bill
  30. clean out my closet...maybe in 2.5 years i can accomplish this... 
let's do this!


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