Jun 26, 2013

today's eats

so my goal to net 1500 calories today

is kinda not happening - yet

i'm sitting at 947, and while i think my fitness pal overestimated my workouts by about 150 calories

i'm still way under

so right now i'm contemplating spoonfuls of peanut butter OR a smoothie. 

smoothie would be delicious, but peanut butter, also delicious, is so much easier, and clean up is basically licking the spoon and putting it back in the drawer

just kidding

so i apparently burned 748 calories - which was 50 minutes of elliptical as well as some weights

1700 calories consumed today look like:
top left to right: knock off egg mcmuffin, 2 servings of trader joe's peanut butter filled pretzels, turkey + cheese sammie

bottom left to right: KOMBUCHA! (my first fermented tea experiment), cliff crunch granola bars, and channa masala+jasmine rice

so it's not for lack of trying to eat throughout the day that i'm not netting enough calories

probably should amp up the veggie factor and eat something green - i just haven't been in the mood to eat salads


and with that i guess i'll throw a handful of greens in the smoothie i'm about to make

have a goodnight!


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