Jun 12, 2013

my fitness pal

the rest of yesterday's foods looked like :

a picnic in the car for our lunch date

i actually only ate my sandwich and not the dippers and hummus

i was still pretty full from breakfast

i didn't take a picture of my sammich - but it contained

1 Trader Joe's wheat thin (100 calories)
4 slices of roast turkey (50 calories)
1 slice swiss cheese (70 calories)
this spread of Mayo (~45 calories)

total = 265

and last night while the rice was simmering i hopped on the elliptical and knocked out an extra 20 minutes of cardio

i love having an elliptical in my living room

so dinner was my recent favorite thing ever:

1/2 Cup of rice blend cooked with added butter (~350 calories)
1/2 Cup (1 serving) of Trader Joe's Channa Masala (180 calories)

total = 530 calories

and sometime during the day i snacked on

my homemade banana blueberry bread - which i need to share - i altered the original recipe and made it vegan with the help of a flax egg and minus the butter - and i added some extra banana and blueberries - i was worried it wouldn't set but it came out SOOOO moist - seriously the best i've ever had - i also included a granola topping (i obviously don't keep a vegan diet, but i swear vegan baked goods, at least in my experience with quick breads, turn out a lot better than their egg/butter brothers and sisters)

i'm guessing this hunk of bread was around 250-300 calories based on others' recipes

and now, this morning i'm drinking my coffee and nomming on a pomegranate flavored greek yogurt

which clocks in at 110 calories

i also added creamer to my coffee - i didn't measure but i'm going to say i added 2-4 tablespoons so i'm going to err on the conservative side and say i consumed 120 calories of creamer :(

i need to measure tomorrow morning since it packs quite a punch of sugar

so the calorie information is streaming from My Fitness Pal

which i've decided to use to track my activity and calories (a post for another day on why i have issues with this)

but right now it's what i need to stay focused

i like being able to see my stats during the day with activity + food (this is yesterday's diary)

i try to keep in mind that the exercise counter might not be accurate and i may have burned less (so i don't want to allow myself to eat back a lot of my hard work)

and i also forgot about my coffee + creamer for yesterday so there may be + 100-200 calories that i ate

and there may be less 100-200 calories burned

so i think i'm in a good place - i'm not starving, i'm not burnt out

but will adjust as needed

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