Jul 1, 2013

weekend and superman

you guys

it's monday

but it's a holiday week

so let's all rejoice in that fact

if you're catching up from the weekend

i posted my 30 before 30

and showed you my typical grocery haul

and if i were anything like my neighbors i would have pictures of fireworks...

going off at 5pm on saturday...in the broad day light...

but i'm not...

i do have some of my eats from the weekend, though, to share

egg mcmuffin knock-off - bill proclaimed this being better than mcdonalds

 i got new vegan protein powder delivered...so i made a green cake batter smoothie - and it was tasty!

saturday's dinner was brought to us by the fine folks at whole foods - and their cheapest option of fish - sockeye salmon.  i was really eyeing some tequilla lime salmon burgers they had pre-made in the display - maybe next time
 i've never grilled fish (this summer is my first time ever owning a grill)

i youtubed a few videos before laying the filets over the coals

and i think i did an okay job - i overcooked it probably by a couple minutes - still edible, but it's hard to go from grilling chicken and trying to get it done whereas a little undoness with salmon is perfectly fine

i may get more adventurous with seasoning next time - i only added salt +pepper+1/2 tablespoon of butter per filet

i also charred some corn - rubbed with just a bit of olive oil and salt

and a side of skinny broccoli slaw

this meal was so good!

sunday was reward day, and bill's reward was seeing man of steel

we ended up seeing it in 3d since it was the earliest showing

we always go to the matinee - because we're cheap - and also because we got stuff to do the rest of the day!
we pretended these were complimentary clark kent glasses

ok, so i won't give away any spoilers

and i'm definitely not a superman geek die hard

but back in the day i loved me some smallville


and i'm pretty sure i wanted to make babies with tom welling

(side note - one of my good college friends and i would rent episodes from the local blockbuster (clearly before the time of hulu and netflix and amazon prime) and we would watch for hours on end lapping up all the cheesiness)

and even further back in the day

i watched a lot of lois and clark

and dean cain was 90's hot

so this was superman to me

i knew going into this movie that it was a "darker" side of superman

and i was ok with that - i loved all the batmans and i loved the spiderman most recent reboot

i loved the beginning and i loved the end of man of steel

but the whole middle - i completely hated

at one point i was thinking "i didn't see all of Thor (because i hated it too) but this would totally make a better Thor than the original one..."

the whole middle conflict and fight scenes - lost on me.

and since there was SO MUCH fight scene i start criticizing it all

so, superman is clearly distraught at one point, trying to save a family

but the whole prior scene they're flying through the city knocking over sky scrapers and bulldozing through parking garages - i'm supposed to believe that the hundreds of thousands of people trapped in there aren't dead/dying?  and now he's worried about 3 people who he doesn't even know?  or that everyone in the ENTIRE city was able to escape - save for 5 people he just ran in to?

i love a good storyline, and contrary to what it may seem, i do like a good fight scene.

but a fight scene cannot last an hour without some sort of meeting of the minds to devise a plan (i mean, ok, a plan is there, but the audience isn't like really in on it and they don't give much detail about it and there's not like this huge buildup of suspense to try and figure out what will happen, clearly superman will survive since it's the first movie in what will probably be at least a 3 movie franchise)

so before anyone is like "yeah, but that's kind of more like the original superman/comics" blah blah blah

i'm just saying, some of these action movies need like a really good editor to be like "listen producer/director man - blowing up all this stuff is cool, but we really need a but more substance in here to justify tearing down the whole city"

ok - rant over -

my reward for sticking with diet/exercise for 3 weeks?  was SUPPOSED to be froyo

i worked out saturday (twice) and not at all sunday - and after we ran errands on sunday i was STARVING and knew i needed FOOD before i touched froyo

and then we were at home for a late lunch, and i knew we weren't going to get back out for froyo

we could have, but i kind of felt guilty consuming extra calories on top of my daily allowance - even though for the week i netted plenty of extra calories - i just couldn't looking at the daily allowance

so even though i was all like "you eat whatever you want on your cheat day, girlfriend!" i'm totally re-thinking that since i have too much guilt

so no reward for me - YET!

i may switch out my reward for something i was eyeing at target this weekend...

the remaining hours of weekend were spent walking around the neighborhood and playing with woodford


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