Jul 17, 2013

goal #3

good morning

i started off the day with day 2 of week 6 of couch to 5k

which = 10 minutes of running 3 minute walk and another 10 minutes of running

began with a warm up and then cooled down with a mile walk with my bill and woodford

i'm not quite at a 10 minute mile just yet (the plan says to run 1 mile or 10 minutes) - i'm guessing i'm running more of an 11 minute mile

which really makes me laugh at myself when i used to run 9 minute miles

and i thought i was a slow poke

i mean - 9 minute miles aren't breaking any world records, but it definitely makes me feel silly for thinking i was a horrible runner

if you feel silly for calling yourself a runner when you run 12 minute miles

guess what

you're still a runner, and nobody else cares

you just get out there and watch that sun pop up while you get some fresh air!

or, in my case, a face full of sticky humidity.

i was sweating on my warm up.

so whilst walking with my wonderful husband on the cool down

we were talking about our goals

we're 2.5 weeks in and have another 2.5 weeks to go for goal #2 (my goal is to complete the couch 2 5k program and finish the 30 day shred)

i'm rocking out on both of them

so naturally my mind started to think about my next goal

i'll have a solid (slow) running base at that point

and after looking at my calendar

August 3rd (the last day of my current goal) will put me exactly 12 weeks out from

Big Hit Marathon here

the big hit half

bill and i ran the inaugural race back in 2011

we look like baaaaabies
the coolest part of the whole race was definitely finishing at home plate of slugger field!

oh, and the t-shirt.  i definitely do all races for the t-shirt -especially if it's a tech-tee.

we were unable to run it last year since we were getting hitched and all

but this year it's on!  i would love for this race to be one of those races we never miss (the thanksgiving day 6 miler is one we've been doing since we started dating and have never missed)

the race falls one day before our 1 year anniversary

and i cannot think of a better way i'd like to spend my 1 year anniversary

than to be laying on the couch with my husband as we ice each others' knees. (j/k)

goal #3 is on the record books, ya'll!


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