Jul 22, 2013


i'm a little late to the game today

but i'm much peppier knowing that there's just shy of 2 hours left to my work day

and i still have one snack left in my lunchbox

it's the little things, right?

i also had a healthy dose of essential fatty acids this morning to keep me from lashing out on a monday moring.

but let's back it up to the wonderful weekend - which actually felt long and relaxing.

friday night bill and i had reservations for shakepeare in the park

the event is actually free, but living social was running a deal for reserved seats for 2, boxed lunch, bottle of wine, a backpack, and 2 t shirts.

all for $60

we try to go to a couple of plays a year - so $60 for 2 tickets was nothing compared to what we usually spend

and the fact that we were getting dinner and extras made it a done deal

we made our way to old louisville and took our seats for taming of the shrew

lunch was catered by city cafe - i had the veggie sandwich and bill had the lamb (this was our first non at home/take out meal in like 6 weeks)

and a bottle of chardonnay as promised

both wine and food tasted great

and the book bag and t-shirts were icing on the cake.

the performance was actually by their high school camp group - and they did such a wonderful job - i can't even imagine memorizing a page worth of shakespearean iambic pentameter -  let alone a whole play written as such

i logged about 4 glasses of wine (whoops :)  )

and tried my best to log the veggie sandwich - i may have went over my daily caloric allowance by a couple hundred

i deemed it date night

and made up for it on saturday morning

where i completed the last day of level 2 and knocked out 30 minutes of hills on the elliptical.

and there just wasn't enough time in the day to eat!  i came in way below my caloric allowance, but decided it all evened out from date night.

sunday was laid back

we watched the avengers, adventureland, and the blindside (cue the waterworks)

and only left the house to pick up some much needed dog food

i tried my hand at day 1 of level 3 of the shred

and whoo boy.

jumping lunges?  jumping squats?  moving pushups? rockstar kicks?

jillian tried her best to break me

i was soaking wet with sweat

and i'm not going to lie

it was hard

but i also think it's my favorite level so far

ask me again tonight after i complete day 2 :)

my inner thighs are still aching a bit - and sitting up this morning to tie my shoes for my run was a bit of a challenge - but girl got it done!

anyone else up to level 3?


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