Jul 10, 2013

farting rainbows

i feel a bit uninspired as of late

i know it's kind of lame to stop by and see

"my spinach protein smoothie is the bomb dot com"


"yee-haw, i'm kicking the 30 day shred in the arse!"

i didn't/don't say bomb dot com 

or arse

but seriously.

staying positive about the healthy changes helps keep me motivated

typing "ugh, 5:30 am AGAIN, i am so tired"

only makes me focus on the fact that 5:30 in the morning is a sucky time to roll out of bed

so in all honesty i'm not really trying to be hokey and phony and all sunshine and rainbows
because it's tough

it's really really tough to roll out of bed, throw on smelly workout clothes

-i totally re-wear stuff a couple days in a row

and especially this time of year, be greeted with thick humidity that sucks the oxygen straight out of the air and leaves you feeling like you're breathing in cotton balls

to stay motivated enough to keep on plodding along until the girl on the running app tells me i can walk

to, for reasons i can't explain, sing "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" in my head during my cardio workout (i had zoned out for like 10 minutes before i realized what i was singing - and i didn't even know the rest of the words; just kept singing that one line)

to try my hardest not to let jillian michaels think i'm "phoning it in"

to not want to just veg out in front of the tv in the evenings

it's all tough

but reassuring myself every day that i'm making positive changes validates the hills i'm climbing

i will never forget the volunteer's shirt i saw at mile 12 of my first half marathon

"if this was easy, everybody would do it"

i also will never forget the sign i saw at about mile 3

"single doctor" (it was an all women's race)

so i'm doing this, not because it's easy, but because the accomplishment feels damn good

so i'm going to continue to fart rainbows, pardon, and share my healthy changes


celebrate the small milestones with me on myfitnesspal - runrunrachel

and for a much more "me" post - check back later for the zucchini lasagna i made last night and my new kitchen toy!

(if we're friends on facebook you already know)


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