Jul 15, 2013

weekend roundup

anyone else rocking some tan lines today?

i've got a nice one around my wrist (from having to wear a band canoeing)

and i've got a nice sports bra/tank top action going on my chest and shoulders

very farmer-ish

but it feels like it's been MONTHS since we've had a nice weekend that we were able to spend it outdoors

summer 2013 is probably the palest summer on record


i thought i would stop by and do a photo dump from the weekend

i managed to take zero food pictures

even though i'm still on the healthy eating bandwagon

i've also kept up with my couch to 5k runs, squeezed in a few elliptical jaunts

and even though i'm exhausted at bed time, i have more energy in the evenings - evidenced by the 1-2 miles i've been logging with woodford

and, of course, have managed to do the 30 day shred 20 minute workout every day now for 15 days!

the healthy changes are more visible now as more than 2 people have made comments on my weight loss over the weekend

yay!  it's not all in my head!  as i'm still not stepping on the scale.  i know it would probably be a boost of confidence to see the number go down, but i prefer judging my progress on how a i feel and how my pants fit.

oh right - pictures :)

 my little patio garden is doing well!
i can't wait to eat this guy! - and i also need a serious haircut - i hate my hair long - it just gets so easy to put it up in a pony tail in the summer.  making an appointment asap!

 this not so little guy was hanging out on the street while we were on an evening walk.

i was so scared to go up and take his picture.  it doesn't help that we've seen one that's been ran over before - i would not be heading into the woods behind our place in fear of one catching me off guard!

popcorn is my favorite snack!  especially when i have like 1,000 extra calories to consume - i eat like 500 of those in about 8 cups of popcorn.  the night bill proposed to me i was late getting home because i stopped to pick up a popcorn maker.  diamond ring and popcorn.  all in one night. 

i think my post-workout hair looks better than my post-shower hair.  the curls always seem better.  am i alone on this?

because i may have taken a whore-bath before going out saturday night just so my curls would look good.  sorry, bill, if i smelled a little natural.

saturday night we thought we were going to a baseball game, but with the forecastle music festival going on downtown, parking was crazy - and you had to pay to park everywhere!  major bummer.

so we headed down to the tin roof.  at 6:30.  where we had some beers - i enjoyed 3!!! (stella artois) i haven't drank that  much in so so long.  and let me tell you - i was feeling it! 

memaw and papaw played a few games of connect four, drank our beers (and logged them!)

and we were out of the bar by 9 pm.

before the band even got set up

we're still going strong on not eating out (5 or 6 weeks now)

but we needed a night out to enjoy some well earned beers.

and this memaw and papaw just don't hang like we used to

in bed before 11 on a saturday night.


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