Jul 5, 2013

flash flood fourth

i am like 1 of 15 people in the office today

which is like 1/10th of the people normally here

it's quiet

and i'm tearing through some paperwork fairly quickly

and it'll probably be a 2 hour lunch kind of day

i don't really mind because yesterday and today = complete wash out!

i tried to stay positive

but by the time bill and i headed to the grocery to buy stuff to grill out

i decided there was no way we would be able to keep our tiny charcoal grill going in this weather

so when we got home

we made use of the george foreman and cooked up 2 turkey burgers and some fries

as we watched music videos on mtv

i guess the only upside to a miserable day spent indoors?

i tore through day #4 of the 30 day shred and then knocked out 30 minutes on the elliptical

then ended with a 1.5 mile walk with woodford

because i knew it was going to be a miserable day indoors

i stopped at whole foods bakery and got bill and i a vegan peanut butter and chocolate cupcake to split

and all was right in the world :)

the view outside our balcony 

 where we sat and watched neighbors from all directions determined to put fireworks up in the sky

then the last few minutes of day time - the sun shone through - as it continued to drizzle

and our neighbors still letting off fireworks - even though i couldn't see a thing

i tried to go to bed early, but those neighbors were letting off fireworks until about 11

which isn't really late

i'm just a fuddy dud

a fuddy dud who needed to be up at 5:40 this morning to knock out my run

which, unfortunately, was in more drizzling rain

woodford and i were both wet and smelly once done

but it felt good to have that portion of my workout over with for the day

now to sit on my ass for 8 hours

were you able to have a nice 4th?


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