Jul 3, 2013

grunt work

it's hump day

but it's my friday

i can handle this schedule 

even though tomorrow looks to be a total wash out for the 4th...

not having to drive to work is a good day no matter what

i got my run in this morning

woodford came with me - it's nice to focus on him and what he's doing and not how tired my legs are

i rolled into work this morning with 3 cups of various liquids

all important to make it through the day

1 large banana + peanut butter + protein smoothie

2 cups of coffee (very vital)

and 1 tervis full of ice water (which i try to fill up at least twice at work)

are you joining in on the 30 day shred for the month of July?

i really think you should!  my boss is on board and so is bill

just think of the progress you can make in one month !
and how inspired you'll be to keep going!

i purchased jillian michael's dvd at target for my boss for 9.69 yesterday (and i believe there is a youtube version floating around out there if you'd like to at least try it before you buy it)

and because 10 lbs dumbbells are much too heavy

i picked up two 5 lb handweights

and last night i completed day 2 of the shred with bill doing it with me 
we were sweaty sweaty people - and i swear day 2 was harder than day 1 (even though we stuck with level 1)
but being just 20 minutes, i was on the floor stretching before i had time to whine too much
bill took before pictures as well - can't wait to take those "after" pictures in August!
i've also spent yesterday and today working out in the plant
i'm a cost accountant for a manufacturing company and our corporate office is located at one of our plants - so it makes taking trips out on to the production floor pretty easy
i don't know how to record all the grunt work i've been doing in my fitness pal to help clean up and organize one of the production lines - but i've definitely been burning through some calories all day
i wouldn't make it on a production floor doing actual production for a week
i'm a cubical dweller
i'm kind of all over the place today in this post - i thought i'd show you last night's dinner too
i tried my hand at mashed cauliflower - 

boiled a cut up head of caulifower
mashed with 1T of olive oil
a good shake of sea salt
and 1/4 cup mozzarella

it was good, but next time i might try and find a recipe to add some more flavor

the other half of my plate was thanks to trader joe's

and their frozen eggplant cutlets

OMG - so good - without all the cutting, dipping, and frying of traditional fried eggplant

i spooned a bit of marinara sauce over mine and called it dinner.

i have a fun recipe to share tomorrow that i'm making for 4th of july

and with that last bit of rambling...

i'm going to eat lunch :)

have a happy 4th


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