Jul 18, 2013

hair probs


this morning's run was slow

incredibly slow

and sticky hot

but i kept my spirits up by thinking of fall races that will be here in no time

on my 30 before 30 i have a goal of beating my half marathon time

i don't think it will happen this fall

it might

but i'm pumped to be working my way in that direction and to just be running that distance again

and to have a couple of races penciled in

with one of them potentially being ran with my bestest fwend.

possibly in the snow.

but more on that later :)

i think it's time i shell out for a hair cut

i'm coming to work every morning with wet hair

that i have to pin back

and i generally just feel less pulled together with longer hair.

i was reminiscing over on my old blog and two years ago i apparently really wanted to make bangs work

which i vow to never do again

but i think it's time to chop my hair back to this length

i just wish it wasn't so awkward to pin back while working out

any short haired girls have any tips?

i usually throw on a headband - but then spend half of my workout fighting the damn thing because it feels like it's slipping down my head.

does that mean i have a big head?

that's rhetorical.  i have a huge head.

do they make XL headbands?


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