Jul 18, 2013

capeside high

shout out on facebook last night

i was watching dawson's creek on amazon prime

season 2 to be exact

and i had all these feels

i was transported back to 1998 ya'll

i was 12

my room was covered in teen/tiger beat pinups

i would call my bff tiffany up on the cordless phone

and we would sit in front of our respective tvs

and watch dawson's creek together.

but neither of us would really talk while the show was on

i guess we were just checking to make sure each other was breathing.

re-watching the episodes made me reevaluate those simpler times, though

the 90's were apparently a scary place

one of the episodes i watched last night

pacey decided to get an HIV test done, and andi was all like "it's 1998, you have to get checked"

which made me think high school was going to be a lot different than middle school

truth be told

i didn't like dawson

he was obviously kind of lame

pacey was the bees knees

and i'm pretty sure i, along with many other 12 year old girls, wanted my first kiss to be with him.

actually, i pretty much disliked everyone else on the show

i basically wanted to watch a joey and pacey love story non-stop.

watching it this time around, all i can focus on though, are the clothes

i don't really think of the 90's or 2000's as having a "style" since living through it

but dear god, they do.

and it's kind of bad.  but in a good way.

in a way that i just want to break out an old gap catalog

and order some high rise jeans (they help flatten out that pooch)

and crushed velvet half zip shirt...that i guess you would tuck in...

and bill could rock a caeser hair cut...and an oversized button-up, unbuttoned dress shirt

and vans

my generation knew how to work a sweater vest better than any mr schu

there's nothing classier than a vest paired with a white undershirt

and a hemp necklace.

501 levi relaxed fit are now reserved for dads - but back in 2001 all the guys were sporting the baggy leg.

the early 2000's were also pre-flat iron

and as a female with high-frizz potential, is a time i had removed from memory.

it was also a time where flame shirts were acceptable

as i remember poring over them in delia's catalogs.


i remember

and now i just feel old...

Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter

really old.


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