Jul 29, 2013

sticking to diet and exercise

so you're probably not wondering how i stuck to my diet and exercise routine this weekend

but i was super proud of myself

so here goes

back in college when i lost a lot of weight i pretty much became a shut in

when i was taking eating and exercising seriously, social situations made me nervous

i didn't want to be tempted to eat something i shouldn't

and in college i didn't want to be around people drinking

those pesky alcohol calories are the devil

and the same can be said now.

the anxiety of having to eat someone's cooking or having someone pour me a drink

not knowing how to calculate and account for those calories stresses me out

before we left on friday i got in a 30 minute elliptical workout and then completed the shred with bill

that extra work helped me feel at ease about heading down to the lake to have a few drinks.

we were running kind of late, and not in the mood to cook

so the topic of take out was brought up

i really didn't want to ruin my streak of not eating out

i didn't want to be tempted by a quick drive through fix

so since we had to run to kroger's on our way out of town

i had bill pick me up one of those caesar salad kits to eat in the car
450 calories for the whole kit made a very filling dinner and i can still say it's been over 2 months since i've had anything from a restaurant
once we got to the lake, drinks were already being poured - so i had a bourbon and diet coke.
i checked myfitnesspal and had ample calories to expend
so i ended up having somewhere between 3-5 bourbons that night
i'm not sure since there wasn't a shot glass.
i still came in barely under my daily goal thanks to the elliptical and shred
but the next morning i just felt like crap - not really hungover - just kind of slow feeling

it was just one night of rare drinking - but i absolutely hated not feeling like myself the next morning

determined not to feel defeated, bill and i chose to walk woodford and not miss a day of the 30 day shred

we set up boot camp, i brought my kindle, and we let jillian yell encourage us to "hang in there"

we didn't let a little weekend away keep us from sticking to our goal!

after that i didn't feel as guilty about the bourbon friday night and just tried to keep it sensible saturday.

we cooked eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast, packed turkey sandwiches for lunch on the boat, had pretzels and apples for snacks, and then had a pretty healthy dinner of grilled chicken, baked beans, and corn

the portions weren't measured

i had two beers on the porch

thank goodness there wasn't ice cream :)

we came back home sunday and it was back to normal and back to doing the shred in our living room

i ran this morning and will be on my next to last day of the shred tonight!

i haven't weighed myself from the start, but i don't feel like those two evenings at the lake wrecked my progress

the important thing is that i immediately got back on track

i'm not sure if i'll ever feel completely ok with cheat days, but being able to hop right back on the wagon is a big confidence booster

i got this.


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