Jul 15, 2013


30 before 30


go canoeing - completed on 7-14-13!


when i made my list, i'm not sure if i forgot, but bill and i actually kayaked on our honeymoon

but it was on the ocean

and we had no real destination to paddle to

so this felt more like my first time paddling on the water with a purpose

we headed up to blue river cave country canoes in indiana sunday morning

boarded a bus - which, i can't tell you the last time i was on a school bus

and i'm pretty sure the seats go smaller

and rode down to the water

and then we were off!

we opted for the half day/7 mile trip

which apparently can be completed in 2-4 hours

elite canoers, we are not

we chose the slow and steady method

and stopped for lunch

it's crazy that it's mid july and the water still felt too cold to swim in

which was good, since i had opted out of wearing my bathing suit under my clothes

somewhere past the halfway point we began to question if we really were past the halfway point

and how much further we had left

there's a big difference in 2 miles or 5

so i really tried to paddle hard and deliberately

even exclaiming at one point what a great oblique and shoulder workout i was getting

and as i sit here now i can tell you my back is more than feeling it today...ugh

should have stayed with slow and steady

and let bill do all the heavy work

but we had reached the end in about 4-4.5 hours

on our way back home (about an hour drive to louisville)

i had bill stop at a convenient store

i have been soda free for awhile now

with only a sip here or there

but i NEEDED a diet root beer

and it was the best tasting diet root beer - after a day spent paddling in the hot sun

and because bill and i are masochists we got home and immediately completed day 14 (level 2) of jillian michaels "the shred" - just about halfway!!!

bill cleaned, i cooked dinner

and we were then completely exhausted.

we were laid up on the couch when i believe i shut my eyes around 7:30

and opened them again at 10 pm when bill woke me up to get in bed

it's always a good sign that you had fun when at the end of the day you accidentally fall asleep.


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