Jul 8, 2013


did everyone have a nice long weekend?
did your neighbors drive you crazy with their fireworks displays EVERY NIGHT
am i the only one who wants to be in bed by 9:30?
g-ma status right here.
most of my 4th of july weekend was spent indoors
due all in part to some nasty storm clouds that never quite let up
 i made the most of it and completed an elliptical workout on saturday

as well kept on top of the 30 day shred

i only have 2 more days of level 1 and i'm on to the next level!  

the only change i can see thus far is that i can kill some pushups right now (still modified though)

being stuck inside made me want to SNACK

but i kept it real - and thanks to some smart grocery finds i'm slimming down some of my vices

first up - my first walden farm's purchase.  all their products are calorie free - they make mayo, dressing, syrup, etc

i don't know what i was expecting, but it's basically flavored vinegar.  it tastes ok, but it's definitely not ranch.

it's a spicy vinegar.  which i'm pretty sure i can make cheaper than this $5 price tag.  i probably wouldn't be suckered into buying again - but i wish i had come up with the idea to make this product!

i also finally broke down and purchased

omg - best purchase ever!  it's basically dehydrated peanut butter - all the taste minus the oil and fat

to rehydrate you just add water.  i've been adding PB to my morning smoothies - which packed 190 calories for 2 T

so this morning i just added 2T of this powder to my smoothie - which only added 45 calories!

yesterday the sun finally came out

and my eyeballs couldn't figure it out

but i knew we needed to take this opportunity to grill out

 enter mahi mahi burgers - which we ate plain and minus a bun

 i also brewed up some herbal iced tea

to recap:

grocery shopping (i love grocery shopping)


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