Jul 31, 2013

guilt run

this morning is still a struggle

from my alarm going off and hitting snooze

to getting "the turkey trots" somewhere in the middle of my run (the endearing term i use to describe gas that could actually be a poop while running)

i just wanted to be back in bed (or in the bathroom)

but i knew once i was out of bed that climbing back in bed for 45 extra minutes of sleep

wasn't going to make me feel any less tired

so i put on my big girl panties and running shoes

and did my 28 minutes of running with 25 minutes of walking (warm up and cool down + doggy walk)

bill had spent all day yesterday cleaning house

i love that man

so when he said he wasn't going to run this morning and would just walk woodford

i didn't bat an eye

but i got a text message this morning at work saying he had felt guilty for not running with me

and he had just got back from his fastest 3 mile run

nothing like a little shame + guilt + peer pressure to hold yourself accountable

i'm a morning workout person because of those things

i hate missing a morning run only to sit at my desk consumed with the idea of having to go home and put on smelly running clothes

i feel guilty that i didn't get up early and run, and then the pressure to actually run instead of watching real housewives once i get home - it's just too much

so i get it over with at 5:45 am.

but actually, i do come home and put on smelly work out clothes - because i've been doing the shred in the evenings - two-a-days! whoop!

and speaking of - i finished up day 30 last night and will try to take "after" pictures tonight

are you a morning or evening exerciser?

do you ever guilt yourself into working out?


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