Jul 25, 2013


good morning ya'll

i was sitting in a meeting ALL day yesterday from 8-5

and came home, after i did the 30 day shred, fell asleep at 9 o'clock

so after a longggg night's rest

i was more than ready for this morning's run

and thanks to some new earbuds

i was able to plod along happily

i broke down and purchased a pair of yurbuds

target started carrying this line, and i've been tempted since i've seen them hit the shelves

the inspire line is geared towards women's ears

and while i never thought i had small ears

i'm grateful to say something on my body is indeed small and warranted special earbuds.

as opposed to my previous favorite earbuds - the skullcandy ones that suction deep down in your ear

these are much more comfortable and rest just inside that little tab thingy on your ear

which is apparently called the tragus

you learn something every day.

thanks google.

anyways i've ran in these 2 mornings now and while it took some getting used to - not having the sensation of something lodged down in your ear and i kept thinking they might slip out

but they never did!  when i used to run with the skullcandy buds - even though they were supposed to suction in - they eventually came out because i sweat buckets.

 don't you run with day old mascara on?  yikes.

also, because they aren't so deep in your ears, it makes it easier to hear traffic, and in my case, a family of opossums crossing the road - it's seriously been nature city on my runs and walks lately.

and thanks to discovering a country workout station on pandora - i was singing along like a nut this morning

one last action shot!


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