Jul 29, 2013

lake weekend

i think i still smell like a fire pit

but i'm not complaining

i don't think i've ever sat around a fire pit with a sweatshirt on in late july either

still not complaining

my only complaint

i have not swam all summer - it's either been too cold or too rainy out

and this weekend was no exception

this little dark cloud followed us around the lake

until it opened up and poured

huddled under the cover trying to stay dry

really was quite useless as we tried to make it back to the house

thankfully, the dark skies lightened up and we were able to get back out on the water

the temps were still too mild for me to actually get in the water, so i settled in for a light nap and some magazine reading

bill was the only brave one who swam and tubed

i much preferred getting back to the house and sitting on the deck listening to the boats go by

woodford was all about lounging as well

 once the frogs started croaking and crickets chirping we made it around the fire pit

which lulled me to sleep fairly early

we had to make the trek back sunday morning

which was filled with laundry doing, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and prepping for the week

it's amazing how exhausted you get from lounging around the lake for a couple of days.

but i ain't complaining

 (if you can't listen to this while at work....imagine us cruising around to "california love" by 2pac)


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