Oct 26, 2012

made it!

hello from sunny key west

we've made it safely to town last night

even though landing was quite an experience.  i guess the runway is a lot shorter than usual so our jet came down hard and bounced around.  a little scary.

i was pretty worn out from traveling - we left the house at 7:30 and got to the airport with about an hour to kill.

we landed in atlanta for a 3 hour layover - where we were having a difficult time trying to decide on lunch


so needless to say when we landed we were starving

but we had to pick up our keys to our place first - and then to save money on another cab ride - we trekked it from duval street to the east side of the island. 

it was just over a mile - but with a little bit of spitting rain, and luggage in tow - it was quite a long hike.

i was so excited to finally be in this space!

i was totally sold on this huge balcony that overlooks the atlantic.

but the joy was short lived.  we were soooo hungry.

so we set back out on foot.  another mile or so and we found a quaint carribean restaurant

where the bud light tasted like champagne.

mo's was a great place with authentic carribean food.  we waited for a while to get our order - but everything was being made on the spot.

the lady working did bring us a plate of the best rice and beans i've ever had - we scarfed them down so quick.

tired and fed we tried to find beer.  we walked probably half a mile out of our way and then circled back to find a gas station.

another mile hike back and we were back at the condo.

my feet were killing me walking in flip flops

so we rented bikes for the week this morning.

and man - we flew through town this morning!  stopped to get OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE!  and then celebrated with fish!

with key limeade.  mmm.

bo's was a place the rental place suggested and it was pretty tasty

we're hanging out right now, headed down to the parade and excitement soon.

i hope our family and friends make it down safely tonight!

i can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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