Oct 8, 2012

weekend update pt 1

it feels good to be home and know i'll be home for a couple of weeks.

there was a lot of driving within a 36 hour period.

i want to save juli and mark's wedding for part two of my weekend update so let's see how the rest of my weekend played out.

i got home saturday night around 10 pm and crashed pretty hard once i got in bed.

but i was still up by 7.  bill and i laid in bed until woodford's talking convinced us to head out on a morning walk

i hadn't given much thought to it since i thought i would be out of town all weekend, but since i was home sunday, that meant i got to go to st james art fair!

bill was game as long as it meant we'd be back in time for 4 o'clock football.

it was a gorgeous day that started out pretty chilly, but the sun popped out enough to heat things up.

this fair is always so crowded, and i think a combination of getting out early and the cooler air thinned the crowds a bit - thank goodness - we were able to actually walk and look and not be herded through the booths.

happy balls were sold

i told myself i wanted pottery.  and if we weren't headed out on our weddingmoon i probably would have spent more to get a more decorative piece. 

so i was on the lookout for a coffee mug to use at home.

i ended up buying a soup mug

and because i had to use it right away - i made chili.

enjoyed with sam adam's harvest pumpkin brew

and since i was in a baking mood

this recipe for spiced apple cider bundt cake found on pinterest.

eh... it was ok.  a little spongey, but actually the ingredients are pretty good - low in sugar and no oil

it works pretty well for breakfast

mixed with a little stonyfield fat free french vanilla.

stay tuned for part 2!

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