Oct 12, 2012

hair today gone tomorrow

i did it

i did what is probably very taboo for any bride

i cut my hair - like chopped off 5-7 inches

2 weeks before my wedding

i had a few worries - worries of too short/fat face but i was like whatever - i've had short hair for years and it'll be fine

next step is to have someone cleanup those eyebrows
so here's the infamous pouf pre-cut

gross huh?  i seriously wore my hair up for days on end

i walked in - i've had my hair cut at dazzle salon before but the lady who did it last time wasn't there - so on top of cutting all my hair off i was letting SOMEONE NEW do it.

i'm a rebel

or just impatient

she sat me in her chair and asked what we were doing today

i looked at her with a straight face and told her to cut it all off

you would have thought i had asked her to remove one of my arms

she was stunned.

i took my pouf down and she tried to comb it - but i have wavy hair ya'll and i'm surprised she didn't break her comb

she took me over to the sink and washed my hair and drenched it with a ton of conditioner

i was rambling on about how i hate my long hair and how it's so gross and i'm tired of dealing with it.

she sat me down at her station and started to size me up for cutting

i then told her i had originally tried to grow my hair out for my wedding

and that i just couldn't take it any longer

and that my wedding was in 2 weeks

she about had a heart attack as this was around the exact moment she was going to make her first cut

she actually then squealed with delight as she had apparently never cut a bride's hair - and especially 2 weeks prior to the wedding

she made this public knowledge to the whole salon

she then informed me where she would need to start cutting at the nape of my neck to get the desired style

i promised her i wouldn't cry and that i was really excited

i wish i had taken pictures of the floor and my hair mid cut - but i was just too excited

she hadn't even dried my hair and i told her i already loved the cut

and then she lovingly referred to my pouf as a squirrel tale and told me it looked so good

she started to dry my hair, and i know from previous experience to not judge the cut too much before the straightening iron has been used, but there were a few moments that were touch and go where i thought she might have screwed up the cut

but once she straightened my hair all worries were gone

except for the fact it felt really thin and kind of flat - but it was soooo silky and light

i got home and tried to add some volume but just decided to wait until in the morning to see how it styled on it's own

so so happy with the cut!

seriously glad i did this before the wedding so all my weddingmoon pictures wouldn't be of me with a pouf on my head!

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