Oct 24, 2012

just a few more hours


we've made it

last day of work before leaving for the keys

and just three days until the actual big day

everyone keeps asking me if i'm nervous and teasing me that i could still back out

the only thing i'm nervous about is

is big sandy

i'm a kentucky girl, so hurricanes are pretty foreign to me

tornadoes i got

hurricanes are a crazy new thing to me

i'm sure for anyone who's lived on the coast would tell me there's nothing to worry about - especially if they're not calling for any evacuations

from everything that i'm reading, the lower keys should not be affected - aside from some rain thursday/friday and 30 mph winds on saturday

i hope my dress doesn't fly up on my wedding day

but really i'm concerned about our travel down there and our guests.

so far our flight has not changed, and hopefully we'll get down there tomorrow with little issue.  but arriving two days early gives us a little flexibility in case something does arise

i think all of our guests will be flying in on friday.  and some of them are flying into miami - which i think is currently predicted to get larger rainfall.

i really hope traveling isn't a nightmare for anyone -

and if it rains on my wedding day - so be it - i think it'll make the pictures even more interesting and memorable

i'll see you at the airport tomorrow!

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