Oct 8, 2012

weekend update pt 2

i love weddings

and i love being asked to be apart of one

especially when it's my best friend

bill and i got engaged last december, and we decided pretty early on that we wanted to do a destination wedding.

i informed juli right away that i would want her to be my maid of honor, and let her know i would do everything i could to make sure she could come where ever the wedding would be.

what i wasn't expecting was her to tell me that she probably wouldn't be able to travel since she would be a mom by that time this year

and i'm pretty sure i cried a few tears of joy and asked her for all the details.

i tried to text her several times a week or at least once a week to make sure she was doing ok and sometime along the way she told me that her and mark would be getting married a few months after the baby was born.

i was so thrilled to know that not only her and baby were doing well but mark was the perfect guy for her.

i had a mini panic attack when i heard her wedding would be in october knowing my own would be the same month.

but it all worked out wonderfully.

i left friday afternoon and headed out for the 5 hour journey to ohio

armed with pandora

i sailed through cincinnati, hit some traffic in columbus, and finally made it to ashland.

i was the first person to the rehearsal.

so i made good use of my time

i plucked my eyebrows while waiting in the parking lot.

i wish i had pictures to show from the rehearsal, but i was too busy holding baby owen.

i swear he's so precious.

he didn't even cry when i held him - thank you baby owen for not making me think i would be a terrible mother.

after rehearsal we went to dinner, and then out for a couple of drinks.

we didn't stay out too late since getting my nails done was top priority in the morning

hopefully i'll be able to get some pictures from those who took some, but all of our dresses were so pretty!  juli had her bridesmaids wear green - but we were left to pick our own dress.  and instead of flowers, juli really liked feathers.  and we all had feather earrings. 

and of course, juli was so pretty.  the only pictures i have are from the reception

juli's short dress was perfect and suited her.  i loved the flower/feathers in her hair. 

and of course

owen.  who wore a little suit vest and tie onesie.  how cute is he?? 

as excited as i was for juli's wedding, i was more excited to see this little guy.  i wasn't able to go to her baby shower and i wasn't able to visit before the wedding, so i felt like i had just heard so much about him and seeing pictures on facebook just wasn't enough.  he was perfect.  he slept through the whole wedding!

i wish i could have held him more but he was such a popular guy.

the reception was held at juli's parent's house

they definitely know how to throw a party

it was pretty chilly out so i spent a lot of time hanging out in the barn

and admiring the beautiful cake - which i think a relative made?

i wish i could have stuck around to taste - but i knew i needed to drive home.  i could have stayed saturday night and drove home sunday morning - but i knew deep down that i probably wouldn't be able to stay up late and party all night long with everyone else.

i made a game day decision and hugged juli goodbye before heading out on the road.

i cried a bit on my way home thinking about my own wedding to come.

i also cried a bit about not living close to juli.  but it was getting dark out and my tears were making the lights on the cars blurry.  so i had to cut it out and listen to the radio.

i just hope we don't wait a year to visit or meet up.

congratulations juli and mark!

and baby owen - if you need anything you just let me know!

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