Oct 2, 2012

i've got the painting bug

ever since i came home to this

i'm more than ready to paint everything else

i love color ya'll.

like big bold colorful rooms make me happy.

but i live in a condo, and i'm pretty scared of combining too much color in such a small space.

i want each room to have personality, but the conservative in me wants everything to kind of blah for resale.

but this didn't stop me from playing on sherwin williams' website.

i first wanted to try and pick a color to run through the rest of the living room and kitchen since they share a wall.

the accent wall is the peacock plume and the right wall is called "first star"

it's definitely a subtle grey which i think will work well for both the living room and the kitchen.

to keep things from being too blah it is my goal to do a tile backsplash behind the sink
but i have a few issues with that - like see the wall space to the right of the cabinets?  that goes all the way to the ceiling.  where do i stop tiling?  until i get an answer i'm not attempting this.

and to also make the rooms less blah i want to put a chair rail up in the eat in kitchen

and mirror the living room color on the bottom half of the chair rail

moving on to the bathroom off of the living room which currently looks like this

i wanted another punch of color

but i'm worried there will be too much color since the bathroom will be off of this wall

so i've tried to find complimentary colors and somewhat run with the "peacock" theme

this is "sequin" and while i really like this color for the bathroom, i think the color below will work better with the blues

this is "ruskin room green" and i decided to make the accents (towels) the peacock blue - and i think these two really play well together - or am i way off base?

lastly - off the living room and connected to the bathroom is what is currently the craft/junk/bill's office.

i need something that plays well with all three potential colors, can be well suited for a potential baby's room, and subtle yet has personality

enter "earl grey"

i'm somewhat leaning towards

"if i paint the bedroom earl grey, i probably need to keep the bathroom "first star"

 and vice versa

"if i paint the bathroom "ruskin" i need to keep the bedroom "first star"

peanut gallery?  your input is appreciated

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