Oct 17, 2012

just dance!

i've mentioned this before

i love the "just dance" series video games

i sweat more in 5 minutes "dancing" than i do 20 minutes running.

it's a crazy good workout

and it's so much fun

so when i noticed just dance 4 was now out at target - i had to have it!

i'm hoping we can have some people over soon to really test out all the songs

i love how you get so in to moving along with the characters

but you're actually just moving around like a crazy person until you really learn the dance

i'm proud to say that i've mastered many of the dances on just dance 3
woodford is not impressed.

i would really like to post the video of bill dancing to will smith's wild wild west

but so far he hasn't approved...

let's convince him otherwise :)

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