Oct 11, 2012

hairy sittuation

i've got quite a mess going on on top of my head

way back last december i thought i would grow my hair out - i wanted a pony tail and i wanted to be able to wear it up for the wedding

welp, i've been wearing my hair in some sort of pouf for about 6 months now

pouf on the side

pouf on top

scary messy weird angle pouf

a rare day that i actually dried and straightened my hair

i'm tired of taking care of long hair

it's too much work, and i don't even wear it down or wear it in a stylish way

i'm seriously at work with a low bun that i put up while my hair was still wet

when i had short hair it was much easier to wash and dry

and don't even get me started on how badly my drain clogs up with all the long thick hair shedding


i miss my short hair - bill met me when i had short hair - and it feels like i'm a fraud for growing my hair out just for a wedding - to have pictures looking different than what i normally do

so i said screw it

i have a hair appointment at 7 today :)

i'm a big fan of the graduated bob as long as it doesn't get too poufy in the back

- definitely what i want

- definitely want to stay away from the extremely graduated bob

seriously - i've been there - i had issues with an alfalfa popping up

so wish me luck - i'm slightly nervous since i haven't seen myself with short hair in about a year.  eep!

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