Oct 17, 2012

work party!

sometimes i really hate work.

when anyone asks me what i do for a living i always say i'm an accountant

that response is always met with silence or a raised eyebrow signifying that they have no clue how to respond but that my job sounds pretty lame.

it can be.

most people think i do taxes.

i don't.

i don't know tax law - except for i have a pretty good understanding of personal taxes and the basics.

i don't think accounting is my "calling" per se

but it just happened to be something i understood really well and excelled at

there are days that i really get to use my investigative skills and common sense and then there are days where i punch in a bunch of numbers like a monkey.

the only thing that keeps me sane is the fact that i work with a crazy bunch

our accounting group is so fantastic.

i love the people i work with.

i don't know how many people can actually say that, but i'm glad i get to

i came in this morning to my cube all decorated

i'm also known as a honey badger...what can i say - i have a reputation...and my sign was lovingly decorated

i also wore my new dress today

the buttons are what sold me
and then for lunch we had a soup party!

i mean it really doesn't take much to get our group together to eat, but i was glad to be the reason.

and there was cake...erbody loves cake :)

thank you to the accounting/finance department.  you guys are awesome and one of the few reasons i can tolerate work some days!

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